DAVIN FB01 Interactive Table Soccer Game, Mini Table Top Soccer Game

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Football Game

  • Football is characterized as a team game consisting of two teams, each of which tries to score the largest number of goals against the other team.
  • The game involves passing the ball between players using the arms to be able to control the use of the ball and pass it to score goals.
  • Football is considered one of the most popular sports in the world, and it organizes major tournaments such as the World Cup and the Champions League, and is supported by large fans around the world.

Product Specification

  • Product type: football game
  • Material: reinforced plastic

Football Game Features

  • Made of environmentally friendly, high-quality materials with good efficiency in repeated use
  • Designed with bright colors to help you focus on playing.
  • You can present it as a special gift to loved ones and friends on happy occasions.
  • Anyone can play finger football without any special skills or training, making it suitable for everyone.
  • It helps develop motor intelligence and coordination between eyes, hands and fingers, which is important for children in the growing stage.
  • Sportsmanship encourages cooperation and healthy competition between players, which enhances sportsmanship and mutual respect.
  • It is considered an enjoyable entertainment activity that is different from traditional games, which makes it a good choice to diversify activities in free time.
  • You can play anywhere and at any time, whether at home, at school, or while traveling, which makes it one of the favorite games of many.
DAVIN FB01 Interactive Table Soccer Game, Mini Table Top Soccer Game

6.000 KWD

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